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Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need. We endeavor to provide help where the need is greatest.




We have experience in both jails and prisons. We saw problems within our own state and county run facilities and were able to invision solutions that would not just fix but reverse the negative effects of those problems. We found that our own institution was hemoragging about $50,000 per year. The problem with finding this $50,000 we were losing is that it was hidden beneath accounting statements, misinterpreted policies, procedures, and the good will of our employees. Some of the solutions were so simple, but their cumulative effect didn't just save us $50,000, but also saved us valuable time that was being misappropriated.




We've been there. Our expreience stems from working in the field of corrections. We have worked at both State and County institutions. We have walked away with the bruises of the day as officers, felt the sting of papercuts, and headaches from reports as administrators. We have even interviewed inmates to help find solutions where officers and administrators wouldn't think to go. We want to develop the best solutions for our clients, so we have developed a network of individuals who can help us in areas one us of us might not fully understand.




We don't just take a problem and look at it and have one solution for it. We sit down with the numbers, the books, the procedures, the staff members and develop a real understanding of how to incorporate solutions that are effective. We build systems based around your facilities needs, pulling from experiences, and placing ourselves in your shoes. We can overcome any obstacle you are facing and save you time, and money while we do it.


We are especially happy to find new clients who share our commitment to be the best in our field. We want to support you in the work you do and we want the solutions we provide to decrease time, money, and resources spent so that they may be allotted more effectively. With many of our solutions we will make the commitment to you that if we don't make you money, we wont either.

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