Here you will find an overview of the training and services we provide.

Our Specializations

Correctional Training

We provide a diverse selection of training to fit the needs of Jails and Prisons. The following is a list of the training we offer:

  • Detention Officer Certification
  • American Correctional Association Standards & Training
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards & Training
  • Non-Lethal and Less-Than-Lethal Device Training
  • Training for Training Directors

To see a larger and more specific list of the training we provide click here.


Audit Preparation and File Management

We offer complete audit preparation services as well as elecronic file keeping and preparation services for audits involving the:

  • American Correctional Association
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act


Other Solutions Offered:

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  •  Maintenance and Site Management
  •  Record Keeping and File Keeping Management
  •  Personnel Structure and Management
  •  Recycling and Energy Savings
  •  Budget Negotiation and Cost Reduction
  •  Off-Site Monitoring Services
  • Security and Safety Solutions
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