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The majority of correctional institutions are mandated by training standards. BJOST, ACA, AJA, and PREA all require training for correctional employees and are required for correctional instutitions in many states.

    We help you meet that requirement by conducting on-site training that meets your standards and requirements. We also facilitate your overall correctional training needs by scheduling and conducting on-site, off-site, and scheduled training plans that improve and hone the skills of your correctional staff.

    Many of your standards through accrediting agencies also require file keeping, testing, form submission, and many other required documentation activities which we will facilitate for you.

    We will help you reduce training costs while improving your overall training plan and increasing the amount of training that your officers would receive through traditional means.

    Most agencies have an outstanding need for training that is comprehensive and implements sound practice. We can work with you to build training in areas that are commonly lacking.

    Vindicator uses a wide range of resources, networks with trainers, and other facilities to provide a wide variety of training at low cost to correctional institutions. Listed below are some but not all of the training that we provide to our clients.



Our services in this area


  • ACA, AJA, BJOST and PREA Mandated Training- We follow standards and structure courses to meet multiple standards.
  • Use of Force Training- We insure that every employee understands their scope and authority when force is necessary. We also provide example reports that might be used to record use of force incidents. 
  • National Rifle Association Training- We coordinate with NRA instructors at no additional cost to provide training to your agency on a schedule that meets your facilities requirements.
  • Special Weapons Training- We facilitate and coordinate training with many weapons systems including the JPX Jet Defender, JPX Jet Protector, .37mm grenade launcher, pepperball gun, and many other training systems.
  • CPR First Aid Training- We provide comprehensive CPR First Aid training that includes drills, and tests that insure that CPR and First Aid knowledge is not forgotten.
  • Gang Identification- Security Threat Groups can be a burden for instutitions. Identifying gang information, and being able to separate these individuals is imperative to the overall safety of an institution.
  • Communciation Skills and Techniques- Speaking with offenders, outside agencies, and dealing with the public can be a difficult task for correctional employees. Roleplaying, practice, scripting, and other training tools are utilized to help employees better understand how communication can save money, time, and improve an institutions overall image with the public.
  • Evacuation of Correctional Facilities Training SCBA- We coordinate training with fire officials to provide some of the best fire training in corrections. We can provide training to you in the use of the self contained breathing apparatus and will even provide this training at no additional cost to local firefighters.
  • Cell Extraction and Take-Down Techniques and Training- It is imperative that during planned uses of force that both the safety of the officer and offender are considered. We will provide training using various tools to provide close to actual situational training.
  •  Searching Procedures (Living Areas and Persons)- Many prisons are plagued by contraband, cell phones, drugs, and weapons. It is our priority to train officers to understand various smuggling techniques, how to thwart them, and how to recover contraband once it has entered your institution.
  • Report Writing- We use legal resources, guides, and opinions to help give this comprehensive report writing class. It is imperative that you learn to write reports that not only fit your institutions standards, but that also provide a clear picture to the public in the event that a report is submitted to a jury or is investigated by an alternate agency.
  • Keyboard and Typing Skills- It is imperative in todays corrections environment that general computer and typing skills are learned by all employees. We coordinate with computer professionals to provide this training and recommend software to update employees on common platforms.
  • Emergency and Escape Drills- We provide emergency disaster and escape scenarios, drills, and other training based on your institutions policies. We craft training to suit your institutional needs.
  • Complacency Drills- What is training without followup? The majority of institutions provide traning but never test that training in the field to understand its efficiency. We conduct drills using Field Training Officer's to measure the effectives of training in your institution.


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